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Ways To Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Summer Living

Is your outdoor living space in need of a makeover? Whether you live in the city and have a small outdoor area, or you have plenty of land to work with, here are five straightforward solutions for transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming spot for friends and family to enjoy all summer long.


Inspection and Cleaning

First things first are to create a clean slate for the outside of your home. Performing a quick inspection of your property followed by a swift cleaning will ensure decorating and landscaping will run smoothly. Power washing your home’s exterior and deck will remove built up dirt and residue. While you are at it, cleaning the gutters is another vital step. On a separate note, we cannot forget the important grill! For effortless grilling this summer: clean the interior and exterior of the grill, set up a station for all your grilling tools, and buy charcoal or propane.


Painting and Staining

Once the deck is clean, you may need a new protective finish. This is determined by testing the water resistance of the wood. Is the water beading up or soaking into the wood? Applying a new transparent or semitransparent stain to the wood should do the trick. Spring is also a great time to repaint the exterior of your home, or possibly just touch up the trim around doors, windows, and light fixtures.



The easiest way to update your outdoor living space and still make a dramatic difference is through lighting. Spring is a good time to inspect all of your existing outdoor fixtures and replace light bulbs as needed. To add something new, string lights work really well for almost all spaces and styles. If you are lucky enough to have a pergola over your seating area, string lights look perfect twinkling overhead. Also, consider illuminating those dark pathways with inexpensive solar lights. This may be all your backyard needs to make your journey home a little easier.


Garden and Landscape

Cleaning up the garden and landscaping around the house can be daunting for some, but will make all the difference for curb appeal. Pulling weeds and adding some mulch around your existing plants is a fast fix. You may already have unique outdoor updates waiting for you in your garage. Create planters out of a wheelbarrow, tires, or a bird bath; add some spray paint and fresh flowers for a shabby chic look.


Relaxing Seating

The right seating for your space can define the style and create the welcoming feeling that you are looking for. Large spaces can accommodate a farmhouse table or an outdoor sectional. In smaller spaces, you could try wicker chairs and a bench with brightly colored throw pillows. An area rug can help to define a space, as well. The DIY options for decorating are endless: stenciling a pattern on to a plain rug, pallet furniture, or even sewing up some fun pillows.