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Landscaping that Doubles Down on Investment and Enjoyment

You may or may not be selling your home at the moment, but someday you most likely will, and there is no time like the present to add some value to your property. The team at the McClain Group calculated that great landscaping could add up to 28% to the overall worth of a home. We have compiled a short list of landscaping ideas for you to enjoy working on throughout the rest of the summer. There is one consistent trend that we’ve continued to notice as Realtors: homebuyers are more excited about touring a home that looks appealing on the outside, than one that is unkempt and drab on the outside.



Now this isn’t exactly the DIY portion of this post, but trees on your property (and your neighbors too!) can add immense value to your home. Believe it or not, there is actually a National Tree Benefit Calculator that examines how a tree species in a particular area affects property values, carbon dioxide reduction, and energy savings. Our clients almost always ask for mature trees and privacy. It is no surprise that well-landscaped yards with healthy trees and bushes that offer privacy can yield higher prices and sell quicker. Ultimately, trees are beautiful and truly impress buyers.


Native Plants:

If your yard doesn’t have it already, adding native plants and shrubs will flourish without the extra TLC that you would likely have to devote to plants forced to live outside their natural habitat. Most importantly, owning native plants over non-native can cost thousands of dollars less to maintain. You would obviously never want to invest in something that would turn out to be a money pit, so instead of just choosing plants that appeal to you, do your research first. Not to mention, organic and vegetable gardens have become a very popular backyard feature in homes around the Denver area.


Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting consistently tops our client’s lists of most wanted outdoor features. Potential buyers will see that elegant lighting illuminates your home at night and directs eyes to the focal point – the front door. Lighting is also an essential for safety reasons: to avoid slips and falls and to deter intruders. This added security is encouraged by insurance companies as they will often give 5% to 15% discounts to homeowners with outdoor lighting fixtures.



Fencing around a property or a back yard has many undeniable qualities. As stated earlier, the number one feature our clients ask for is privacy, and fencing is the solution. Even though fencing doesn’t add to the curb appeal like trees and lighting, it will keep your family safe and your pets in. If you are debating over a type of wood to use, most fencing companies in Colorado will encourage using Western Red Cedar for it’s weather-resistant properties. It is hard to put an exact monetary value on what a fence would add to your home, however, since fences are a must-have for many buyers, it can only help to sell your home faster and will be pleasurable for you in the present.



Walkways invite guests and buyers into your home. In many neighborhoods around Denver, homeowners are adding attractive walkways to the front of their homes. In order to meet the standards of your neighborhood, take a look at what kind of walkways your neighbors have. There is no point in going too fancy because you won’t see a return on that investment. Some options are: a solid stone walkway, pavers, or stepping-stones.