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5 Things to Think About Before Moving Into Your New Home

Congratulations – you’ve found your dream home, contracts have cleared, and the keys have been handed over! To avoid adding stress to this occasion, don’t leave these pertinent tasks for the last minute, finish them in advance and enjoy this exciting time of moving with your family. Here is a short list to help you prioritize all the tasks that are surely running through your head.

1. New locks

You really aren’t sure who else has the keys to your new home: Realtors, previous owners, and most likely maintenance workers. To ensure peace of mind, hire a locksmith to come to the house and switch them out. This is a necessary step in making this new house yours immediately.


2. Clean and paint

Even if the previous owners left the house clean for you, you’ll most likely want to clean everything yourself. If your time is tight, we recommend hiring a service to do this. On the same note, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceilings will really make you feel good about the house. Hopefully you can encourage some friends and family to help, especially if the walls have cracks, holes and other defects. A great way to meet your new neighbors is to ask them which company they have found to be reliable to service their mechanical equipment. As soon as you buy your house, get the cooling and heating systems cleaned and routinely serviced.


3. Setting up utilities and services

A simple and essential task when moving is that you need to disconnect the energy in the previous tenants’ name and reconnect it in your own name. This process is very simple, yet important so that the previous tenants aren’t charged for the energy you use.
Through the McClain Group Client Care Program, we’ve discovered Connect Your Home, an awesome company that will set up your communication services for you. They are a single call solution to establish your TV, Internet, phone, and home security products. To learn more about Connect Your Home, check out this video:


4. Change your address

As soon as possible, it is crucial to notify the post office of your new address. Next, contact businesses and government bodies straightaway to make sure your mail is going to the right place. It is also important to update your address with your friends and relatives so your favorite people can contact you at your new house.


5. Install window treatments

This is a step in the moving process that can easily be over looked. To ensure your first days staying in your new home are comfortable and private, installing window treatments are a must. Whether you design custom drapes, or you install something temporary, you will be happy this finishing touch was planned out.